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Continuous Assessment includes the following

  • Teacher observation

  • Teacher designed tasks and tests

  • Pupil projects and portfolios

  • Self-Assessment by pupils

  • Discussion with parents/guardians

  • Pupil Profiles

  • Samples of pupils’ work

  • Record Keeping

  • Annual Report


This continuous assessment will form the basis of parent-teacher meetings and planning for future teaching, both in class, small group intervention and/or individual tuition.


Standardised Tests will be administered annually and discussed with parents/guardians at parent-teacher meetings. You will find useful information about these tests by clicking on this link:

At present, the NNRIT is administered to 1st, 3rd and 5th classes every October and also to all pupils new to the school in 2nd, 4th and 6th classes.


The Drumcondra Spelling Test is administered to all children from 1st – 6th annually in February.


Traditionally, the school has administered the Drumcondra Reading and Maths Assessment Tests annually in May.  The test scores are uploaded to end of year school reports, which are circulated to parents/guardians in mid-June, along with an explanatory sheet and an invitation to discuss the results with class teachers if wished.


The Drumcondra Assessment Tests were revised in 2018 and will be purchased and implemented from May 2019. Additionally, we will trial their Infant Screening Tests in reading and Maths with Senior Infants from 2019.


The PM Benchmark Reading Assessment Kit will be used to establish the reading level of pupils in the younger classes annually and with older children as necessary.


Test scores will be uploaded by class teachers to their Aladdin accounts. Overview graphs will be created and presented at a staff meeting. This will assist with whole school planning, alerting teachers to areas of concern in their planning/pupils’ learning and identifying pupils for supplementary intervention.

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