2020 - 2021 5th & 6th Class 


After what has felt like a never-ending six-month break, we are finally back where we belong! 5th and 6th class are living up to their responsibilities as the senior class, by demonstrating their maturity and resilience to our new learning environment rules. They have taken all the changes in their stride, and after 5 weeks in school, are settled back into a happy and sage school day routine. We have nominated and elected our class representatives for the Student Council, Green Schools committee and Active Flag committee and have commenced work on retaining our Discover Science Plague. GAA began last week to make sure we keep our minds and bodies fir and healthy. We are very much looking forward to our first term back together! It is going to be a busy one!


2019 - 2020 5th & 6th Class 

Term 1 in the senior classroom has been a non-stop hub of work!


We had a lovely September getting to know our new classmates and settling into the challenges of a new class (and teacher in the case of the 5th class!). We began our school year by attending the annual Diocesan Schools Service in St Peter’s in Bandon. We joined all the other Church of Ireland schools in celebrating the new school year.

We marked the Harvest with our school Harvest Fair. Our senior pupils showed wonderful leadership and organisational skills in running the Games stall.


We have placed a huge focus on STEM subjects this year and took part in a number of initiatives including The Star Spotting Project, in association with UCC. We are currently working towards our Primary Science Plaque award. Our Science Showcase was prepared during the month of October and we worked diligently on researching, assimilating and creating a story board experiment.


At the beginning of November we had an open afternoon for the other pupils in the school, after which we held an open hour for parents and guardians. We received hugely positive feedback and thoroughly enjoyed presenting our experiments and being scientists for the afternoon!


December was a very busy month for the Senior class. We had a wonderful and informative visit from the local branch of the RNLI who taught us about water safety.  We began to prepare for our Christmas Carol Service and had a number of rehearsals including one in St Multose Church. We got into the Christmas spirit and created beautiful felt Christmas trees to decorate our school tree with.


Term 2 will be an equally busy term! We can look forward to a forensic science workshop, Internet Safety week, The Pirates of Penzance (Ashton School) and our Pieta House Fundraiser (a Cake Sake!).

We look forward to telling you all about it!



4th Class 2019

The class proved to be expert knitters, producing pillows and bags. They joined their pieces together using blanket stitch.



Fourth class published their SESE projects using BookCreator. Topics ranged from sharks to birds of prey, Henry VIII to the history of travel, Japan to the Beatles. Each child created a model or display to accompany their book. Everybody presented their project to the class. All projects were A+.

We made clay roses for Mothering Sunday along with some quirky snails and an item of our own creation.

Autumn Term 2018

The children studied Ancient Rome and worked in pairs to research aspects of life at the time. They made mosaics in the style of the findings uncovered in Pompeii and made models of clothing and buildings of the time.


History: We investigated the Celts in September. The children worked in groups to create a wall chart on an aspect of Celtic life. We built a model of a crannóg from natural and waste materials.


Leading up to the Presidential election we explored president.ie to research the former presidents of Ireland, how a president is elected, the role of the president etc. The children met the woodland guides to Áras an Uachtarán and the Phoenix Park. They created drawings of the buildings and other features using the virtual tour button.


We had 7 weeks of swimming to work on our strokes and build stamina. Laura, the coach, focused on perfecting the backstroke and breaststroke using floats, limb isolation and lots of practice and guidance.


In preparation for assembly to mark the centenary of Armistice Day, the children made shamrock poppies to commemorate the people on the Roll of Honour in St. Multose Church. Each poppy had the name of one of the 21 men. During the assembly, as the names were read aloud, the children brought up their poppies to put in Re. Peter’s collection basket. Rev. Peter will bring the poppies to church next Sunday to use during the Remembrance Day service.


3rd & 4th Class

Summer Term 2018


Art:The Normans

This term's history lessons began with a unit of work based on 'The Normans.'  During Art, the children worked in groups to design a Norman castle or a scene from Norman times using clay. Further to this, each of the children sketched a Norman castle with a unique defence mechanism of their choice. Have a look at a selection of their designs.


'Where the Wild Things Are'

Having read the text by Maurice Sendak, each of the children created their own wild or unusual creature. Their imaginations really came to the fore during this task. Some very impressive and interesting creatures were created.


Strawberry Fayre

This year, each class chose to create a strawberry themed craft for the Strawberry Fayre which took place on 16th June. The children in 4th class created a woven background complete with a bright, red strawberry to the foreground.


FAY Programme

During the months of April and May, we completed some basic first aid training using the 'First Aid for Youth Programme.'  We identified the various contents of a first aid kit and listed the purposes of first aid. We practised making a call to the emergency services and are now more aware of the information required when making an emergency call. We discussed the signs and symptoms of some serious conditions such as heart attack, stroke and choking. The children learned how to assess an unconscious person and also how to administer hands-only CPR.  Each of the children took these tasks very seriously, asked excellent questions and now have a good understanding of basic first aid.



During term three, each of the children worked on a project based on a topic of their choice. They worked diligently on these. Once finished, they took turns to present their projects to their classmates. What an array of topics we had: The Farm, China, Tsunamis, The Fire Service, Famous people from the past, Gorillas, Cats, Nocturnal Animals, Cars, Favourite Authors and many more. The children must be commended for their wonderful enthusiasm, dedication and hard work. Well done to all!




One of the topics we learned more about this term was that of light. We completed some design and make tasks in groups. Some groups designed water drop magnifiers while other groups created kaleidoscopes and a mini periscope.


What a wonderful year's work. Well done to each of the children!

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