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2022 - 2023 Junior & Senior Infants 



This month we have been learning a lot about Autumn. We went on a nature walk around the school to look for signs of Autumn. We found loads of helicopter seeds. We also found mushrooms, pine cones, oak leaves, conkers and much more. We have been learning about The Little Red Hen and the harvest. We even made our own bread. The best part was tasting it. We loved the delicious brown bread, butter and jam. Yum, yum!

Hallowe'en Aistear has been a highlight for us. We loved carving our own pumpkins and playing with Oblek. We were fascinated by how Oblek could change state from liquid to solid and visa versa. We did lots of Art too! We cannot wait for Oíche Shamhna!  


Junior and Senior Infants have had a wonderful first month at school. We have been busy learning everyone's names and getting into routine. In PE, we have been learning some playground games so that we can play these with our friends during break time. We have also learned some new dance moves in PE. We love to dance to 'Scatman'! 

Our class mascot 'Ginger' arrived to say hello. She is going to teach us how to become excellent listeners! She has already played lots of class games with us and taught us new poems with actions.

 We made our very own playdough and started Aistear. We love Aistear. Aistear is learning through play. This month, we are getting to know our new friends in our Aistear groups. The main theme in Aistear is 'Myself and My Family'. We have been working on writing our names, building with spaghetti and marshmallows, building our own homes, drawing self-portraits and dressing up as our family members.

We also had our very first swimming lesson in Kinsale Hotel and Spa. It was very exciting going on the big bus with our friends. Lots of boys and girls were very brave in the water! 

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