2019 - 2020 2nd & 3rd Class


1st & 2nd Class

Autumn Term 2018

1st and 2nd class were treated to a surprise with the visit of BrickX  to the school. Eyes bulged as the children saw the amount of Lego they could play with! Children were first taught a Lego building skill. This skill was then practised as the children built talk towers. It was wonderful to see children exploring their creative side in this way. 


Over the past seven weeks, the children have been developing Gaelic football skills during PE on a Wednesday. They have enjoyed being taught by Anthony our external GAA coach. Anthony taught the children some of the basic skills of Gaelic football, such as how to bounce the ball while running and how to solo the ball. Over the period of seven weeks, the children have improved greatly and it has been very encouraging to see the progression.


This month’s science lessons dealt with the topic of electricity. During one of the lessons, we learned about static electricity. An experiment was carried out and the children rubbed the balloons on their heads to create static on the balloon’s surface. The objective was to hover the now charged balloon over some rice crispies and watch as the static drew the rice crispies onto the surface of the balloon. The results were great as the children witnessed static electricity working. They were also amused by the new hair styles that were being created on their heads by the static.

1st and 2nd class eagerly awaited the surprise of Animal Magic's visit to school. The treat of seeing the animals and learning about them wasvwell deserved with all the hard work these children have put in over the past number of weeks. The children were most excited when in pairs the experienced holding a Boa Constrictor!

Not all animals took to the children as well as the children did to them; the Long Eared owl voiced her frustration at being woken up from her beauty sleep and wouldn't allow any child near her. 

In all the children had a great experience and will surely be able to tell many facts from what they learned. 

Summer Term 2018


Christ the Healer Assembly:

Senior Infants and First Class performed their final assembly about Christ the Healer Church in Cork University Hospital. The whole school had made prayer leaves to remember those who were unwell to hang on a tree in the chapel. We based our assembly on this performing the story of The Good Samaritian and performing the lovely song Kumbaya My Lord!

Grassy Heads

1st class completed a little gardening project to demonstrate what plants need in order to grow. We used grass seeds. After they had grown, we added our picture to our pots and gave ourselves a haircut along with various other hairstyles.

Spring Term 2018


Chick these out!

Check out our lovely Easter chick art! What amazing creativity from Senior Infants and First Class!






Ms Curtin’s class Valentines Assembly

Senior Infants and First Class performed an incredible assembly on Valentine's Day encouraging people to say 'I love you' and 'Thank you' a little more often.


They all spoke and sang beautifully! Well done to all.


Autumn Term 2017


Ms Curtin’s class love Literacy Stations

We have two adult guided stations with Ms. Curtin and Ms. Hadden and two independent stations.

On the bell we play musical chairs and try to get a seat at a new station.


We have 7 minutes at each station then time to move on!


What a great start to our first term we have had! We are all well settled in at this stage and have been very busy.



The topic of our assembly was ‘Our Community’. We had been learning about our school community and those people that worked in our local communities. The children did an amazing job bringing in costumes for their roles, writing prayers and performing a fantastic song with actions. What a terrific bunch they are!


Eco- Rangers

For our eco-rangers walk our designated area was the school garden. We had the most beautiful morning walking around with our checklists to see if we could find different types of leaves, spiders and birds (Just to name a few!)




Art Workshop

We had a very exciting visit from Sonia Caldwell who brought us outside where we examined the shape of leaves. Then we drew some drawings of these leaves and compiled a class poster. We even added a few creatures that we saw!




Birds of a feather

Early this term all of first class carried out a project about birds. They had been learning about birds that live in Ireland and about migration. Five groups were given a bird to learn more about and make a project so that they could in turn teach the class about that bird. Each group had to decide on roles, such as researcher, writer, and illustrator. 


There was much enjoyment as the children found new facts. Children then gave a presentation which they had prepared. We have learned a lot about birds, and have a great presentation to show our learning! 




Obstacle course

During March the children learned about orienteering. Part of this learning was that they had to set up and use an obstacle course. Children thoroughly enjoyed going over jumps and under hurdles as well as through hoops. Children were able to put their learning to practice and enjoy the games involved in the obstacle course.



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