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On Thursday, the 27th of April, Brendan Joyce, a marine scientist based in Donegal visited St Multose. Brendan brought an array of marine-based resources for each class to investigate and learn more about. We looked at species of shark and whale common in Irish waters as well as microscopic plankton, shells and bones. The pupils were able to get hands-on experience as Brendan brought various whale and dolphin bones, shark's teeth and other equipment used for investigating sea life. 


Having returned in January following a lovely Christmas Break, 4 th and 5 th class were straight back
into the swing of things with their 6-week block of swimming lessons. Huge progression was made
across all abilities and the children really enjoyed the return to the pool after such a long break due
to Covid.
We had our first taste of Science in a Box as we welcomed Eli Lilly chemist Dr. Balaji Rokade who
completed the first 5 weeks of the programme based on Human Biology. We investigated the
respiratory system, the muscular system, the skeletal system, homeostasis and genetics and
genomes. During the 5 weeks, we made a model of the heart including veins and arteries, designed
and built a working hand model with individual and moveable bones, investigated body temperature
and solved a genetic mystery based on old skeletons! The children really enjoyed each lecture and
displayed such existing knowledge of the subjects. We are now looking forward to the final 5-week
block with Dr. Aobha Hickey.
Internet safety day was celebrated with a very informative and enjoyable talk presented by the
fabulous Ann Harte (parent in the school), on behalf of Cyber Safety. 3 rd , 4 th , 5 th and 6 th class all took
part in the discussion. Cyber Safety is an incredibly important topic and one in which we consistently
revisit here at St Multose.
Science Blast is fast approaching and we continue to work on our Biodegradation project. As part of
our research and collection of data, the children wrote letters to each of the companies that
produce the products we are using in our experiment. Some have already replied including a very
encouraging letter from Biobag. They also provided us with a goodie box with a selection of
biodegradable bin bags. We amended our experiment based the on new information provided. We
can’t wait to present our projects in UL in May.
We also celebrated Friendship Week. Great care and more emphasis were placed on being kind to
each other. We recorded our good deeds in a kindness diary. The week culminated in a Crazy Hat
Day! Amazing creativity was displayed by the children and each pupil donated to the wonderful
Ronald McDonald House. A very worthy cause.
The creativity continued when St Multose celebrated World Book Day. 4 th and 5 th class went to great
lengths to dress as their favourite literary characters. It was certainly an interesting day in the
As the term was drawing to a close, 4 th and 5 th class became focused on all things engineer based to
celebrate Engineering Week. We looked at the myriad of different roles engineers play in everyday
life and discussed what type of engineer we might like to be in the future. 4 th and 5 th were tasked
with a make-and-do activity; to design and construct an electric car. Pupils were tasked with
constructing an electrical circuit which powered the back wheels. We definitely have a few budding
engineers in our classroom!
Ar deireadh, rinneamar ceiliúradh ar Sheachtain na Gaeilge. Tá ról ollmhór ag an nGaeilge inár saol
scoile ó lá go lá. Mar sin tá sé thar a bheith tábhachtach go leagaimid béim ar a thábhachtaí atá sé.
Rinneamar tráth na gceist, d’fhéachamar ar na seanfhocail, léigh muid faoi Naomh Pádraig agus
chríochnaigh an tseachtain le Lá Glas. Bhí an spraoi againn.


After a week-long Hallowe’en break, we returned refreshed for the second half of Term one
in 4 th and 5 th classes. COP27 was a global event, further highlighting the challenges we face
due to Climate Change. To look at this issue at a local level, 4 th and 5 th classes took part in
the Climate and Nature Summit. Each day, we took part in various activities from learning
about Irish rainforests, sketching woodlice, looking at Irish native woodlands and discussing
climate and energy use in our own community. It was a great way to link the events of
COP27 in a child-centred way in which they could draw links to their own environment.
The Scholastic Book Fair made its annual return to St Multose. The class had time to browse

the selection of books on sale in the Parish Room. Pupils returned later on that week to
purchase and spent their well-earned pocket money.
We had a busy week at the end of November making snowflakes for the Winter Wonderland
disco, organised and run by the Parents’ Association. All the pupils were very excited and
looking forward to a night of dancing and fun with their friends. A great night was had by all.
Science Week was a huge success this year in St Multose. 4 th and 5 th class. We completed a
clean-up of the roadside and surrounding area outside of the school grounds as part of
Environmental Awareness and Care. We completed a Design and Make activity where we
had to design and make a space buggy, capable of surviving and functioning in space. We
also took part in a Science show hosted by the Science Foundation of Ireland.
The highlight of the run-up to Christmas had to be the Bake Sale hosted by the pupils of the
4 th and 5 th class in their classroom. The boys and girls decorated and prepared the room in a
Christmas theme and there was a lovely fes
tive atmosphere. Every pupil in the school baked
a treat, savoury and sweet, all of which were on sale. We also had a shop stall selling our
school tea towels as well as Christmas decorations. The event was a huge success.
As a treat and to mark the festive season, we travelled to Charles Fort. Garda Dave very
kindly transported us to and from our destination. The pupils took part in a number of
activities, learning about the history of the fort. There was even time for a few festive games.
It was a beautiful crisp morning and what a place to spend it!
And finally, the culmination of Term one was the Christmas Service held this year on the 19 th
of December. The senior classes worked tirelessly and even filled in for other cast members
who were unfortunately ill for the show. It was wonderful for all the school community to
gather once again as a family and celebrate Christmas together.


It’s hard to believe that we are almost at the Halloween break! The pupils of 4th and 5th classes have all settled into their new class routines and timetable. They are such a wonderful class, all individual but a very strong collective.

Táimid tar éis a bheith ag obair ar ár Gaeilge néamhfhoirimúil agus ag úsáid an Gaeilge i rith an lae. We have learned Beidh Aonach Amarach agus An Maidrín Rua as well as Wake Me Up by Coláiste Lurgan.

As is tradition in St Multose, we harvested a variety of fruit from the school grounds including apples, pears, plums, raspberries and blackberries. We prepared a crumble and each pod produced their own version of fruit crumble. Ms Hadden very kindly judged the baked goods. It was a very enjoyable Golden Time.

We have just started our first Book Club of the year. Each pod will read and discuss a novel for the month of October. We are looking forward to lots of discussion and debate.

Science is always a prominent subject in the senior classroom and this year is no different. The pupils of 4th and 5th classes have written, recorded, produced and edited their own informational video for the Science Reel competition run annually by University College Galway. Entrants are tasked with posing and answering a scientific-based question. The children brainstormed a number of ideas and eventually agreed on the question ‘how do salmon find their way back home?’ (the earth’s electromagnetic field and smell!!)

We also began our project for the Science Blast event. After much discussion, we decided to base our project around a topic which is defining the times we live in. Our project titled ‘Biodegradation’ will investigate 10 readily available products which claim to be biodegradable. We will set out to prove if this is indeed the case! Pupils collected a number of household objects including teabags (Lyons and Barry’s!), rubbish bags, kitchen and baby wipes etc. We then prepared two areas and buried each item. We marked each object with a corresponding numbered bamboo. We look forward to presenting our results in Limerick in May.

Together with the 6th class, we walked to Sáile to attend the annual Mental Health Awareness day organised by KYSS. This was the first year of this event since Covid. It was an exceptionally informative and enjoyable day. We attended two talks and visited a number of stalls including, Elasnik, Garda Dave, RNLI and First Responders. There was also art, drama and fire safety demonstrations. We are very lucky to have such a wonderful local service provided by KYSS.

We are very much looking forward to the reminder of this term. The children are very excited about our Christmas Show and returning to our annual Christmas Service. Watch this space…

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