2019 - 2020 4th & 5th Class


2nd & 3rd Class

Summer Term 2019



GAA 3rd Class

A huge congratulations to the 3rd class football team that participated in a GAA blitz on Wednesday 10th April. They showed great determinations and worked very well as a team. The team managed to make it all the way to the semi-finals. What a wonderful achievement. We are all very proud of them!




2nd and 3rd class began swimming lessons in the Mac Donald Hotel in November. Over the course of their lessons, all of the children showed an improved confidence in the water. A huge well done to them. Since then, we have completed some gymnastics. Our balance and concentration were put to the test! We practised various individual and counter balances and rolls such as the pencil roll, the seal roll and the shoulder roll. Anthony Shannon returned in January to work on our hurling skills. We learned about the parts of the hurley and worked on some basic skills.


Art projects

The children were divided into groups and provided with a shoe box. They were instructed to design and create something interesting. The children quickly got to work and over a couple of weeks, they constructed, painted and presented their pieces. A number of designs were produced such as a unicorn, a summer scene diorama, a castle, a mansion and a maze.  More recently, we were learning about the Ancient Romans and explored various aspects of this ancient civilisation; their army being one such aspect. The children created and designed shields. I think you'll agree they look very impressive.



We've been busy during our SESE lessons. We've been investigating and testing materials. We tested materials to see which was the most absorbent. We examined and tested a variety of sports balls to determine which was the bounciest! We also investigated various rock samples from around our school environment, testing their various properties. At the beginning of December, we looked at the skeleton and learned the names of some of the bones in our body. We found some of the names interesting and humorous! More recently, we talked about mixtures and solutions. The children had to design and make some sieves and methods of separating mixtures. Then, we put the designs to the test. Their engineering minds came to the fore.


Digital Technology

Each of the children has been working on developing and improving his / her IT skills. We've learned some new computer related terminology and practised basic word processing skills on Google Docs. One app we've been exploring in greater detail is the Book Creator app. In pairs, the children researched some facts about a rainforest animal of their choice. Using this information, they created mini books, complete with images and illustrations. They will present these to the Infant classes in the coming weeks.


Water, water everywhere ...

Recently, the children prepared and presented an informative assembly centred on the theme of water. We learned about the quantities of water used during various activities. Did you know that up to 6 litres of water can be wasted each minute if you leave the tap on while brushing your teeth in comparison to about 1 litre if you turn the tap off? The children outlined steps which can be taken in all our homes to help conserve water.  We also encouraged the children to teach others about the use of homemade cleaning products to help protect our water supplies. Why not go green and try using these instead of commercial cleaning products?


Autumn Term 2018

Over the last number of weeks, the children from 1st to 3rd class have been working on their GAA skills with Anthony. They worked on developing and improving their fitness and practised skills such as the solo, passing, tackling and defending.  All of the children have worked very diligently and made steady progress. Many thanks to Anthony for sharing his expertise and guidance.  


During the month of September, we talked  about our earliest memories. We drew timelines of some of the most important or key moments in our lives to date. Miss Kingston and the children shared some artefacts from the past. Items included favourite storybooks, baby outfits, cuddly teddies, photographs and toys. There were lots of funny stories and plenty laughter along the way!


Since our return,  we've looked at examples of art work by Henri Rousseau, Piet Mondrian and Mary Cassatt and in turn have completed some art pieces inspired by these artists. Take a look at a selection of our creative pieces. Each of the children created a piece of art for the 'Positive Ageing Week' competition. A huge well done to Eve Smyth in 2nd class who won a trophy for her picture which shows elderly people scuba diving!


In Science, we learned about our heart and lungs in more detail. We examined how exercise affects our heart rate. In groups, we created mini representations of the lungs. We talked about the importance of a balanced diet and exercise in helping to keep our heart happy and healthy! During Geography class, we learned about various types of weather and how meteorologists gather information about our weather. We created an anemometer and rain gauge which we'll continue to use over the coming months.


We completed a class assembly at the beginning of October based on the theme of 'Water.' Throughout the assembly, the children learned about the struggles some people experience in trying to source clean and healthy water. Individually, the children carried out a water survey to examine water usage over a one hour period. This certainly made us think about how often we use water and sometimes unnecessarily waste water.


What a wonderful start to term one! Well done to all the children.


Summer Term 2018

We have almost completed a very busy term with so many things going on at once. The children have had a taster of Hurley and Gaelic football as well as taking part in Cór Fhéile. Although it has been such a busy term the children in the class have been very impressive with their efforts and attention with everything that they have been doing. Recently the children began to learn how to write a report. This brought great excitement as the children were able to select something that was of interest to them and research it in order to write their reports. The children thoroughly enjoyed this learning and found that they were able to share their facts with the whole class! Well done boys and girls!


We have also just begun the dance strand of PE and children seem to be very enthusiastic about this. Their dance moves will surely soon outdo many!


Autumn Term 2017

Crawford Gallery trip. Second class had the privilege of visiting the Crawford art gallery during November. They viewed an exhibition called 'The food, the bad and the ugly'. Children were understandably excited at the prospect of making art using sweets!


Eco Rangers Safari

2nd and 3rd class had the exciting task of searching for life and bio-diversity in a nearby wheat field. On entering the wheat field we found it quite barren due to the harvest being taken. The field had grown wheat for the year but was now growing lots of weeds. This presented a broader scope for investigation as bugs and mini-beasts were rampant. We studied three areas, the middle of the field near a straw bale, the edge of a field by the ditch, and under a tree. The children found many different forms of life and were able to note what they found  as they answered the questions on the Eco-Rangers workbook. The children found the Eco-Rangers workbook very useful as it kept them on task and presented questions that were easy to answer. We found a wide variety of life ranging from birds such as pigeons looking for seeds, and smaller mini beasts feeding off weeds.





2nd and 3rd class have had a very hands on and active start to the school year with a visit from Sonja Caldwell. During this visit the children learned how to weave grass while learning about the importance of plants and weeds for Biodiversity. 









The children of 2nd and 3rd class have been learning about sound. The have learned about pitch and echo-technology. Here are some photos of the children trying to make ear-muffs which successfully hinder sound from travelling!​









Summer Term

In May 1st and 2nd class lead an assembly for the rest of the school. We did a play, lead some prayers and sang hymn 'Great is your Faithfulness'. The play told the story of Joseph, from Genesis. The children learned a lot from doing it and really enjoyed performing.

We learned about how important it is to forgive others and that things usually happen for a reason. Well done 1st and 2nd class!









Autumn Term

In March 1st - 4th Class had a visit from Learnit Lego Workshops to get a taste for engineering.

The classes used lego to engineer alligators and lions in the 1st and 2nd classes.

They had a great time!










GAA Football Blitz

On Tuesday 4th and Wednesday 5th April, 1st - 6th class took part in Kinsale GAA Blitz against other local schools.

Unfortunately the 4 teams did not manage to get through to the semi finals, but all of the children thoroughly enjoyed the day.

Well done gang!





























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