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2020 - 2021 Junior & Senior Infants & 1st Class 


We have been busy bees this December, especially while practising for our Nativity Concert. We are the main characters, which means learning lots of lines. We have been making imovies and cannot wait for the Nativity Concert on Zoom later on this month with our parents! 

We also had a very mischievous visitor this month! Chris Junior arrived in our classroom on the 1st December. He has been playing lots of tricks on us! We put up our Christmas tree and have been counting down the days until Christmas with our Advent Calendar.  We cannot wait for Santa to come!  


We are really looking forward to Friendship Week this month. Holly from 6th Class made us some friendship bracelets. We have been learning how to be a good friend to others by looking out for one another on the yard and making sure that everyone has someone to play with. We also have been practising 'acts of kindness' and being 'secret ninjas' to a special friend in the classroom. This was great fun. We made secret cards and friendship bracelets for them too! 

We also celebrated Science Week. We especially loved the Skittle Experiement and Dancing Raisins.  We read 'Bartholomew and the Oobleck' by Dr. Seuss and made green slimy Oobleck. The consistenct was really funny because when you moved it slowly, it was a liquid but when you tried to move it quickly, it turned into a solid!

On 30th November, we celebrated 150 years of St. FinBarre's Cathedral in Assembly. Reverend Peter joined us on Zoom and Ms Kingston's class lead the assembly.

Junior Infants are now blending their sounds! We have been doing lots of rhymes and jokes. We love to make each other laugh! 


The Junior Infants have been busy learning their Jolly Phonic Sounds while the Senior Infants have been tackling their tricky words! 1st class are learning about vowels and are also perfecting their cursive handwriting.

We had great fun dressing up for Hallowe'en in our homemade costumes. We played some Hallowe'en Games, carved a pumpkin and tasted some Báirín Breac. We have been learning about the Harvest in Aistear. We planted daffodil bulbs in the school garden. We cannot wait until springtime to see them breaking ground!


What a fantastic first month back! The infants and new pupils have all settled happily into school routine and I am getting to know all their personalities. The infants have been busy in Aistear, learning about the 'Signs of Autumn', while 1st class have been learning about transport. They conducted a survey of the vehicles passing the school. They have learned lots of new playground games. They are also great at remembering the hand washing and sanitising steps - Well done class! :)

2019 - 2020 Junior & Senior Infants & 1st



Today Garry the rapper from GMC Beats visited our school. Garry showed us how to write our own raps, sing them and record them.  He also taught us about beatmaking and music technology. Press play (above) to listen to our final product. 


Animal Scientist, Niamh O’Flynn from Heritage Schools visited us on 4th October. Niamh told us stories about her time working with lots of different animals such as the black rhino, giraffes, monkeys, elephants, reptiles, fish and birds. She taught us all about Biodiversity and the animals native to Ireland. We listened to different bird calls, got the chance to look through a set of binoculars and a spotting scope. We then explored our school garden and found lots of different species and their habitats.  We found beetles, woodlice, spiders, ants, crows, evidence of foxes and rabbits and much more!


We started GAA with coach Anthony Shannon. We have GAA every Wednesday. We have been learning Fundamental Movement Skills (FMS) and we love playing matches. In PE we have learned some new playground games. 

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