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Síológa-a new beginning…


Term 3

It is extremely difficult to believe that we are coming to the end of Term 3. In the year which saw our school expand and open the Síológa classroom, we have experienced the highs and lows, challenges and achievements of our new venture. We welcomed five wonderful boys into our newly formed class and saw them both thrive and flourish.


Term 3 has been an equally busy month in comparison to previous terms. Together with the infant classroom, we looked at the themes of the Zoo and Pirates in Aistear! We were busy helping animals and building animal enclosures. We also designed treasure maps and constructed pirate ships in small world.


In SESE, we investigated cold and hot habitats and the different animals that live in both climates. We also looked at things that are hot and cold. While learning about the Zoo, we also discussed animals and their young and used a matching activity to match the correct mammy and baby!


This term we began music with Mr. Carroll, Assistant Director of Music at Saint Fin Barre’s Cathedral. Every Tuesday, with the children in the infant classroom, Mr Carroll played piano while we all sang, clapped and clicked to new songs.


Our annual Sports Day made a very welcome and long awaited return on the 10th of June. It was wonderful for the boys to take part in the yearly tradition and take part with the other children in the school in their ‘house’ groups. One of many more to come.


The highlight of the term was our beach visit to Inchydoney. We listened to the children of St Multose and two other schools during the ukulele concert, designed and constructed beach art, ate ice-cream and to end our day, had an open air concert in the amphitheatre! What a fabulous day and a welcome return to school trips.  


Well done to all five boys on your wonderful achievement of completing Junior Infants! We are extremely proud here at St Multose of all our pupils who promote inclusivity and integration for all.



The boys from our Síológa class have had a very busy and productive second term. We formally began Aistear and throughout the past 3 months have worked in the Post Office, managed and run our own restaurant and recently returned from the Space Station! We had lots of practice on developing our play skills, turn-taking and language development. 

In SESE, we discussed and investigated a range of topics including recycling, light, loud and soft sounds and environmental awareness. Now that we are enjoying the Spring weather, we have started to look at the strand of living things. We have been spending some time in our school polytunnel watering our new crops and maintaining the raised beds. We can't wait to harvest all our produce.

Together with the infant classes, we began GAA with Gavin, the visiting football coach. We have had such great fun every Wednesday playing with our friends while also developing our fundamental movement skills.

The highlight of term 2 was our whole school Science Day. Síológa had the awesome responsibility of presenting work based on robotics and coding. In the weeks prior to the day, we began practising and developing our coding skills using the Scratch Junior programme. We created lots of individual animations. We also introduced our class robot, Botley, to the other pupils. We showed everyone how to code Botley in order for him to carry out different tasks. We had such fun and learned so much while walking around and observing all the experiments from the other classes. 


As part of the Blast Art Initiative, we took part in an art lesson with the infant class. Julie Kelleher, the visiting artist, worked with us on the theme of Spring. We used oil pastels and paint and finished our work with a blue and yellow wash. We created some beautiful, bright and colourful pieces. 


Term 2 came to an end with PJ Day! We all came to school still in our PJs! 


Term 3 is approaching fast. It's hard to believe we are nearing our first year together. But we are very much looking forward to the summer term, filled with sunny days and exciting times!


The term before Christmas is always a more determined and productive time. Everyone has settled into new routines and schedules, and there is an anticipation of the coming festive season. Síológa has been an extremely busy classroom with 5 very busy beavers working diligently. 


In Maths, we looked at number (1 and 2), sets (1-5), as well as 2D shapes and patterns. In literacy, we discussed Winter and have also moved on to group 2 sounds in Jolly Phonics. 


We were very busy scientists this term and looked at hot and cold, sinking and floating and push and pull. All of these activities will go towards our Discover Science Award, so well done to all the boys for their experimenting and analysing! 


To show our creative side, the boys made their own Advent calendars which they use each day to count down the days to Christmas (and Santa!). As is the tradition in St Multose, we made our own decorations for the school tree. These will be displayed with all the other children's decorations until the day of the school holidays when they will be brought home and placed on their own Christmas tree. 


Another tradition in our school, is thinking of others who are less fortunate than ourselves. This year we supported the Cork Simon Community with a festive Christmas Jumper Day. It was a lovely colourful day and really raised the spirits in Síológa. It was a great oral language opportunity.


What a wonderful Term 1 we have had! It is always challenging at the outset of a new adventure, but we are delighted to have such a fabulous group of boys as the newest pupils of our school community. Christmas will bring a well deserved rest for everyone. Roll on Term 2!




September brought about an exciting new chapter in the history of St Multose National School. It marked the opening of Síológa. Five very excited pupils began their primary school journey in our new classroom. Even though we only returned to school 5 weeks ago, all of our pupils have settled in extremely well. Our day is filled with lots of play-based activities, scheduled activities, numeracy and literacy lessons as well as fine and gross motor stations. We have been making really good use of our polytunnel where a sandbox and mud kitchen has been set up. We are so lucky to have this outdoor space, especially when it is raining. It may be early days, and we are still finding our feet, but, we are all very much looking forward to a fun-filled first term.